Five Reasons Why You Need SEO Services

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Effective SEO is the most effective way to be found by customers.

1: Search Engines Need To Trust You

About 80% of Internet users looking for a product or service begin their quest at a search engine.  Needless to say Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is indispensable for a business in today’s world.  For a small business affordable SEO services can be a blessing.

It can take years for a website to build 100% trust with Google.  With good onsite and offsite SEO and link-building campaigns, you can boost the trust factor and gain high page rankings relatively quickly.

Secondly, search engine trust is not going to help you with ranking for a keyword. You need to build content specific to that keyword on your website and then let a search engine find out your page. When the search engine notices that the link comes from a source that it trusts, you will get better ranking.  Also, branding is a natural bi-product of effective SEO, thanks to the associated practices that give you an excellent presence on the Internet.

2:  Effective and affordable SEO services offer great ROI

Compared to PPC, banners and other online marketing, organic SEO is an absolute bargain. SEO campaigns are customisable to any budget. When it comes to SEO – consistency matters more than the budget. For example, if you set a $150/month campaign for 12 months, it will pay off better than a onetime spending of $3,000. This is because search engines like websites with consistent links. They don’t care if you are big or small as long as you deliver what you promise.

3: Your Ranking Stays

SEO ranking is not forever, but when you compare it to a PPC campaign, the results stays longer than you would expect. A PPC campaign can give you awesome traffic, but the moment you pull it off, you will see a significant drop in traffic. On the other hand, SEO generated links are easy to maintain. With some care, they can remain the same for years.

4: SEO is Not about Money; You Are the Master of Your Game

With Google’s PPC, a customer can choose the maximum bid amount. The highest bidder stands a better chance of showing on search engines for that specific keyword. If you are selling a gluten free cosmetic product and your competition is a major brand, they can destroy you by bidding on every keyword with outrageous amounts. An SEO professional on the other hand, can use their experience, ideas and knowledge to compete effectively. No one can have a first-hand advantage on SEO. It’s all about your determination and tactics.

5: SEO Traffic is More Likely to Convert

Search is not obtrusive, in-your-face nuisance advertising.  Searchers come to you and not the other way round.  Not only are those searching for a product interested in the product or service they are looking for, they are also much more likely to go ahead and make the purchase.  This makes search traffic far more receptive than traffic from most other sources.

A site with a solid online presence is likely to get most of its traffic from organic search. Whether you like it or not, your competitors are already using search engines to their advantage and at your expense.

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