Business Consulting Services

Small Business ConsultingAt Gaurav Pandey Consulting, our role is to equip small business owners with information and tools towards success.
Right advice is key to overcoming challenges and avoiding the mistakes that many entrepreneurs make. We take pride in our understanding of business strategy principles which helps us offer effective and practical solutions to our clients.
This applies to both start-ups and established businesses. For start-ups, the first two years, especially the first, are the most important. Most new businesses fail because they don’t have the right strategy and simply hope for things to fall in place.

We will perform a strategic assessment of your business to quickly identify bottlenecks, opportunities and threats. Our small business consulting services are tailor-made for small businesses and start ups in the Australian market.

Restructuring and Turnaround Services

We have an impressive record in assisting under-performing small businesses improve their performance. We will look into your business processes, controls and strategy to effectively address immediate concerns and bring about systematic changes to lead your business on the path to recovery.

Business Analysis

We offer comprehensive business analysis across a myriad of industries in Australia. Whether you are a one-person business or bigger organisation, we offer detailed analysis of your business vis-à-vis your competitors. Our market analysis can help you identify future issues and be prepared for changes.

Business Plans/Cases

Our small business consulting services for SMEs include writing well-structured business plans and business cases to help new businesses spell out their objectives and a clear road-map to get there. Whether you need to secure finance to get started or facing changed internal or external dynamics, our comprehensive business plans will help you put your best foot forward.  We not only provide you a clear understanding of your industry and competition but also chart out a carefully-thought-out operations and management strategy for your business.


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