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Social media is an excellent value addition to your website. It is also fast redefining internet search. Most businesses need social media as the essential tool to gain a better understanding of their customers. We can help you create a dynamic online eco-system for your business. 
You will not only have a clearer, never-before insight on your customers and traffic but also a live 24×7 platform for a two-way interaction. We will interlink all your social media channels and help gradually build traffic to your website.Our team of content writers will ensure your online eco-system is continuously fed great content – the lifeblood of the internet. 
We nurture your brand ambassadors and supporters, offer real-time customer support, build links to your site in a natural way and help you achieve and maintain the perfect blend of advertising, information and engagement.Our team will also run social media campaigns, help you build your email database and come up with innovative social media content and advertisements.  Our proven tools will help you quickly build up an enviable social media presence for your business.You simply won’t get this kind of commitment and service anywhere else.For those who are ready to take the leap, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.
  • Not all social media channels are for you. We can help pick the right channels for you, run an extensive research on your competition and give you a “jargon-free” run down on all you need to know and do in order to ensure your efforts bring you the desired results.
  • Measuring Social Media ROI is tricky. It doesn’t mean though that it cannot be done. Our in-depth reports cover everything you need to know about the health of your social media marketing efforts. We will watch your brand like a hawk through a combination of Google Analytics and some fancy online tools like this one
  • Social Media demands transparency. Transparency is one of the indisputable truths of the digital age. There is nowhere to hide. If you don’t measure up to the expectations of your customers, be prepared to cop the flak online. If used well, social media are the best way to establish the voice of your brand online. You should always be consistent, customer-centric (this is our favourite word!) and fast. We will show you how.

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Please see below the costs associated with setting up customised social media business accounts:

Social Platform
One Time Set-up Cost
Facebook Page with Custom Tabs
Facebook Business Page
Google+ Business Page
Google Places and Maps
Google Analytics
LinkedIn Company Page
Company Blog
Twitter Account
Pinterest Account
Instagram Account
Scoop It!
YouTube Channel
Custom Monthly Reports
Multi-platform Sharing
Post Set-up On Site Training (8 hours)
Post Set-up Webinar Training (8 hours)

Inclusions: Customised Cover Picture; Company Information Entered Into Page; and Vanity URLs wherever allowed.

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